My name is Sean Kelly. Some unordered terms that best describe me include leader, technologist, father, husband, engineer, troubleshooter, developer, nerd, and builder. These cover a wide spectrum, but the bottom line is that I enjoy helping build and lead teams, solving difficult problems often relating to technology and infrastructure, and spending time with my family. This takes up much of my time.

I work for FlightAware as a Senior Director of IT Operations and Reliability. That makes me responsible for our growing teams that manage both internal and external infrastructure, SLAs, overall reliability, the world’s largest ADS-B receiver network, and more. I work to empower my teams to get stuff done, foster a blameless culture across the entire organization, and deliver the best products in the aviation sector.

This website, while not updated regularly, serves to catalog my thinking, interests, and provide a stake in the ground on the web. I hope you find something of value here.