The Internet is a really big place. There are countless ways to follow or interact with me. This page provides some links and information on how you can reach me. I'm always up for a friendly and constructive conversation. You read that, trolls? While I respect your craft, that does not include you.

Old School


Despite what you might hear, e-mail is not dead. I still use it on a daily basis, for work, play, and mailing lists. Want to e-mail me? Shoot a message

Internet Relay Chat

Probably the easiest way to reach me is to find me on IRC. I frequent You can also usually find me on, too. In all places, you'll find me using the nickname of smkelly.

Getting Social


Statistically, it is likely that you are on Facebook. If so, you are in luck. I am, too! If I know you, it might be a good idea for us to be friends. That way, we can increase the creepiness of graph search. Plus, I need to increase my friend count so I look popular.


Do you like to tell the world about everywhere you go? If so, maybe we should be friends! Foursquare is a great way to stalk me and see what I'm up to.


As a nerd, I produce code. Sometimes it is for work, and sometimes it is for my own project. Check out my github page to see some of the stuff I follow, have written, or contributed to.


Are you one of those anti-Facebook rebels? Do you prefer giving your personal information to Google instead? Follow me on the social ghost town and check out my updates I post every few months. But hey, hangouts are cool!


Right now, I have a pretty good job. That said, one can never tell what the future holds. Plus, I'm always willing to write a recommendation or endorse my friends.


Vote up! Vote down! Explore the gems and gutters of this popular social link site. I am a fairly active Reddit user, though finding the good subreddits takes a little bit of work.


Over the years, I've waivered between my photos at Flickr and SmugMug. I think I've decided, and you can now go here to check out my photographic work. It isn't great, but it is mine.


Another Facebook alternative, sort of. If you are a big Twitter user, consider following me. I go through spurts of activity. If I'm not posting, just wait a few weeks and you're bound to see something.

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